A much needed positive post

I am so thankful for all of the advice and support I have received from my posts since being home. I am remembering to take it day by day and know that so many of you who have been through this have told me the magic word "TIME." Everyone is adjusting, slowly, but we are moving in the right direction. The weather has been cooperating and everyone loves to be outside which is wonderful. No matter what language you speak, we all understand the fun and value of PLAY! We are getting lots of practice taking turns and sharing- nothing out of the ordinary for us anyway. Anna is sleeping for longer stretches at a time and naps at the same time as Carter, hence the time to blog. I am relaxing and letting life unfold. She really is a joy and literally makes everyone around her smile with her big smile and laugh. It's amazing to step back and look at this child and the journey we all took to get to this point. It's a miracle.

Carter and Anna are EXACTLY the same size, height and weight. It's funny to see their little bodies next to each other but the shape of their faces so drastically different.

What a better way to get indoctrinated to American food that a good ole bag of cheetos. I don't think she really had a problem with it.

My friend's daughter came over to play with the kids and help out.

4 little birds patiently waiting for breakfast.

Anna wants to do everything her big sister does. I think we'll hold off on the rollerskating for a while. Not sure the C*A* would appreciate the first post adoption report showing a kid with broken bones.

Jack actually took this photo- isn't it great.

We love our swingset!

Good morning Mama.

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  1. Looks like you guys are doing really well. Thanks for sharing your struggles and joys!