Safari Park

We spent the entire day at the safari park today and had a great time. The one couple from our group arrived and so now we are all here, 3 sets of parents. I see how people become so close to the people in their group. I will so dearly miss the other 2 famlies and hope we all stay in contact. This is such an emotional journey that we all share with each other and friendships are formed quickly and strong. The safari park was huge- I'm thinking much like Busch Gardens (I've never been there.) I was shocked how close we were able to get to all the animals- much better than the zoo at home. However- I was a bit concerned for the treatment of the animals. It just felt a bit overwhelming at times. At one point during an elephant show I metioned to my mom that I felt like I had woken up in the middle of the night and turned on some very wierd cable show. It's so hard to describe. Our guide was very big into the shows and I preferred just waling through the park and looking at the animals.

Anna is starting to show her true colors a bit and acting like every 2 1/2 year old should. She threw a MAJOR tantrum because I would not give her my camera. If she were my first I'm sure she would have the camera and I wouldn't even care if it got broken but I didn't give in and she did not like it. It's hard because she is tantruming and people are staring. At home this wouldn't bother me one bit but here I feel I am being scrutinized and condemned. One old woman was very upset that Anna and another little girl in our group did not have enough clothes on and made a scene about that. The Chinese people bundle their children despite the temperature and bare skin is a no no. Oh well- I am truly doing the best I can. We had several other tantrums throughout the day but as a veteran mom that is the least of my concerns!

Anna crashed in the van on the way home since we missed nap. When we got back to the hotel room she just stood there looking at me and whining. I thought she was upset that I was on the computer trying to get Skype back up and running. After a minute or two of continued whining, I got on my knees at her level and tried to figure out what was wrong. It was at that point I noticed the waterry poop running down both of her legs. Poor sweet girl- I felt SO bad. She is fully potty trained and did not go the bathroom all day at the park. Maybe she tried to tell me and I did not understand??? So we got cleaned up, took a bath, threw an entire set of clothes away, and she was much better. We ate some snacks for dinner because I was worried about her tummy and off to bed. Overall we had a great day at the park. I am so enjoying our group and this time we have together.

My computer is not cooperating so downloading pictures is a chore. Once again only about half of the pictures I took today made it in the slideshow. For those yet to travel to Guangzhou I would totally take the time to go the safari park- the kids LOVED it! Tomorrow is Pearl and Jade Market and the Pearl River Cruise. Hopefully I don't get sick on the boat!!

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  1. We have some of the exact same pictures, I wonder if that Koala Bear ever leaves the crook of that tree :) We didn't see one show, we just walked around and took the tram ride to see the lions, tigers, and cougars. We also just loved that park! So sad little Anna had a tummy ache...hopefully she had a good nights sleep and did much better the next day. You will be home soon! Blessings!