Last Day in China

No pictures to post today. We had a group dinner last night and said our (my) tearful goodbyes. The people in my group were such a large part of my overall experience here I feel so lucky to have met them all and shared this trip. I know people can travel in groups with 15-20 couples but having only 3 families made the relationships so much stronger.

We spent the morning in the hotel and started packing. It is POURING so there isn't much to do anyway. If it's not raining after Anna's nap we might walk to the park to get her out but otherwise we will just stay in. I thought I would try and summarize things I will always remember about my trip:

1. Driving. It's car versus van versus man versus bike- all on the highway and small streets. There are no lanes and not necessarily directions either. It's the craziest thing I have ever seen but somehow it works.

2. Menus and eating. They eat EVERYTHING here- need I say more?

3. Squatty potties. Yep just a hole in the ground and no toilet paper. I can honestly say I only had to use one and became very adept at planning bathroom stops at the hotel only.

4. Smoking inside all the buildings everywhere-yuck.

5. Sightseeing. All the things we saw in Beijing and the temples and mouments here in Guangzhou. It's all amazing and so old and beautiful.

6. Our group- this is well documented in the blog.

And obviously my daughter. I will never forget the ride to the adoption center and then seeing her walk out. It all happened so fast. It's hard to believe I have only known her for a week and a half, it seems like much longer. So here is my list on the things I have learned about Anna:
1. She is smart.
2. She is an observer and needs time to take things in before jumping in. Once O.K. though she joins in all the way.
3. She knows what she wants and can throw a fierce tamtrum when she doesn't get it. But she is easily redirected and tantrums are short lived.
4. She talks a lot once she is comfortable and has the cutest little voice.
5. She likes to play with other children- thank goodness because we have a house full of them.
6. She has a wonderful smile and loud laugh. She makes everyone else around her smile when she does.
7. She can eat a ton, and is an adventurous eater!
8. She is very active and like to run and play, and she is fast.
9. She is learning to trust me and will soon learn that she is a member of our family and what our family is all about.
10. She is an Ulllery and we love her!

We have a 36 hour trip home tomorrow and I guess I will also learn what kind of a traveler she is. Next post from home- the good ole U.S.A.

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