Anna day 3

Because the best time for me to blog is Anna's nap time, some of the pictures are from yesterday (teaching her to dip french fries in ketchup. Any other method of eating french fries would be completely unacceptable in our house!) Since this is Brian's last day, we decided to venture out and head to the island. Our hotel is great (China Hotel Marriout) but we feel a bit isolated here. We don't see many other Americans and since we are not in a group we are on our own a lot. We took a cab to the White Swan and ventured from there. Immediately we saw adoptive families all over the place which was nice. That hotel is beautiful and I'm sorry we are not staying there. We did some shopping, basically little things for our kids. The people here comment a lot on Anna- how big she is, how cute she is, how ACTIVE she is! On that note, we bought a stroller because my back is starting to hurt. Luckily she was game to riding in it. The island is completely under construction and a big muddy mess but I can see how beautiful and nice it would be under different circumstances. I plan on going back again to check out some of the restraunts there. I am so sad Brian is leaving first thing in the morning and jealous that he gets to go home to our children. I am on my own for 2 days then my mom will be here. It's going to be rough and luckily we have things with our guide planned for part of both days. Otherwise Anna and I will be hanging out at the hotel. Anna still isn't sure about him so I had to take a picture of when she fell asleep and I handed her to him. This is the onlt time he has even touched her. He tries but doesn't want to force it. It all takes time. We are going to apply for her passport this afternoon and then we'll hang out this evening and get Brian packed. Keep me in your prayers as I continue to bond with Anna and pray for safe travels for Brian and my mom.

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  1. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! She is just beautiful! We loved the White Swan, I noticed your picture on the boardwalk with the koi fish...so fun! We also napped when our daughter did, it is exhausting. Blessings!