It's official

Sorry for the late post. I had time to load pictures but not write yesterday. Despite taking a nap with her for a couple of hours I was totally exhausted by her bedtime and needed to go to sleep too. I think there is so much emotional and physical effort going into our time with her. I do feel we made the right decision to not bring Jack. While I would love for him to be here and Anna would love having him, this is good bonding time for her.

We went back to the Adoption office this morning and finalized our paperwork. Bao Guan Ting is now officially Anna Francis Ting ULLERY! So what did we feed the newest little Ullery member for dinner- french fries and ketchup, coke, and a McDonalds shake for dessert! I kind of regret the coke because she had a rough night but who knows if that was the cause. Yesterday when we got her the nanny told us she was a headbanger at night and not to be alarmed by this behavior. The first night she only did it for a little while in the middle of the night but last night she did it ALL night long. She seems to be sleeping but I'm not sure how since she is propelling her entire upper half up and down in the bed. Needless to say we did not sleep at all. It's loud and she also moves all over the place. She fell out of bed twice so I'm constantly watching her to be sure she is O.K. She will definately need bed rails at home.

After we finished at the adoption center, we went to a large park and walked around. Anna has a lot of energy and can walk forever. I can't believe how many stairs she can climb without getting tired. It's very interesting looking at the culture around us. The park was filled with people dancing, playing hackysack, practicing tai chi (?) or something like that. Our guide told us most of these people are retired and spend their days there. It's very social for them. We ate crackers and peanut butter in our room for lunch and put her down for a nap, us too. She slept 3 hours. Poor little thing was so worn out.

The rest of our day was fine. Anna is getting more used to me. When I kiss her cheek she kisses me back. She still prefers our guide but until we get home and get out of her culture, I think it will be this way. We are loving this little girl so much. What an experience!

Brian's thoughts for the day. We met another couple that I have been communicating with on my website for China adoptions. It's great to see someone you have been talking to for months. Anyway her husband went to Ohio State and they are from Ohio. Brian had an Ohio State shirt on so they did the O H I O in front of the Adoption Registry sign. Oh Brian... His other input for the day is that they have yellow mustard here so he is surviving just fine!


  1. She's beautiful! Congratulations on your newest blessing!

  2. Congratulations! Enjoy Anna and your time in China!