We are in Guangzhou

I survived yet another flight so I have to give thanks and praise for that. No matter how many more flights I have throughout my life, I will never get over this paralyzing fear of flying. We had no idea that Guangzhou was such a large city. Thirteen million people!! Our guide gave us our schedule for tomorrow and she is picking us up at 1:30pm to go get Anna. Even though we have been here a couple of days, it still seems very surreal that after all of this time, we will meet our daughter tomorrow. Please pray that Anna is O.K. tomorrow. I feel prepared, but I have no idea how she will react. Tomorrow night we will post pictures. We did not do much exploring today. I seem to hit a wall around 4pm daily (following van rides.) I know I said this already but driving is CRAZY here and since I get car sick, the van rides pretty much do me in. The Marriot is very nice so we are happy to hang out in our room and relax before tomorrow. The next time I post, we will new parents again and a family of 6!


  1. Wow---I can't believe you are finally there. I remember the beginning when you found one another.

    All I can say is expect the unexpected. She will be confused. So will you. And that is ok.

    Take it one moment at a time. Rest when you can. And enjoy each crazy moment.