Winding down...

Yesterday we finally found a playground for the kids to play. They were so happy and had a great time running around. Despite the fact that it was in a public park, we had to pay to get in. I guess maybe that is for crowd control because I can tell our money was not going to the upkeep of the playground equipment. The cool front is definately gone and it is hot and HUMID! Anna had on a cute little sundress for the park but we had to put a long sleeve shirt over it despite the heat to avoid being scrutinzed. It's just easier to do what is "right" in this culture at this point in time and that's fine. We have all summer at home for cute sleeveless dresses!

In the afternoon we went to the White Swan Hotel for our red couch pictures. For those at home reading this, all adoptive families have to come through this city because the American Consulate is here. Somewhere along the way it became tradition to dress your child up in authentic clothing and take their picture on this red couch with your group. So we took our pictures. Poor baby Lexi was not happy about this but it wouldn't be as fun if we didn't have at least one crying child in the picture! Notice how the only picture with Anna smiling is when she is sitting with our guide- not us.

This morning we went to the zoo. It was actually very nice but not really comparible to the safari park. My camera battery died but my mom got some cute pictures of the kids. The families and kids are getting tired. This is actually the last day for the other 2 families so we will be on our own all day tomorrow. Anna has really had it with me. She is doing some hitting and biting that I'm hoping stops quickly. I was reading another friends blog who has been here the same time that we have and she wrote something that really stuck in my head. She said how important for us to remember what it has been like to be in a foreign country not knowing anything and everything being so extremely different (and we have had a guide translating everything.) The first week I was here I was scared and not very adventurous and learning about this new child. She said this is exactly how our child will feel when we get home. The child will be completely lost with the exception of me, Brian and my mom. Nothing will sound the same to her, smell the same, taste the same, look the same. And Anna will have no way of knowing that this is HOME, her new life.

So keep us all in your prayers as we start yet another monumental journey. Tomorrow we have nothing planned except getting Anna's visa tomorrow night. We will spend the day packing and maybe back to the park to let her run around. Tonight is our last dinner as a group. I know we will all stay in touch. What a wonderful experience or as Anna would say "Wow!"

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