My Baby is 4

Carter turned 4 this week. It's hard to believe that he is 4. I feel like I've had little ones for such a long time, and although 4 is still truly little, it's way past babyhood.

Carter is a true joy. He's laid back, smily most of the time, got a great personality, goes with the flow, and is just an enjoyable kid to be around.

He loves his brother and sisters more than anything else.

Someday I'll do an anthology post about his hair. Let's just say the kid belongs in a shampoo commercial.

I love his crooked smile.

Happy Birthday 4 year old boy.

We love you.

(And your mama would love it if you stayed 4 for a very long time!)


First Day of School

Wednesday was the first day of school for Jack and Callie. Both were excited. It was a beautiful day.

Preschool doesn't start for another couple of weeks so this little ones are a bit jealous. We've been to the park the past couple of mornings with friends so they are having a good time. Honestly Carter and Anna and very easy to please so I'm looking forward to the time with them.

Happy back to school everyone.


Last summer outing- Citygarden

We spent a beautiful morning with our best friends enjoying Citygarden in downtown St. Louis.

School starts this week and our (not so) lazy days of summer are about over. I have to say, summer went by at super speed, again, but we had a great one.


Stone Harbor

We spent our summer vacation in Stone Harbor, NJ visiting dear friends of ours. I plan on making a video with many of the pictures that I took (might have to wait until the kids go back to school to get that done.)

Beach house. Great friends. Oh so yummy ice cream. Playing on the beach. Mini golf. Boardwalk. Shopping. Boogie boarding. Jack surfing.

The list goes on and on but most importantly we had an incredible time with a family we adore and the kids all had a blast, ours and theirs. Thank you V family for a wonderful summer treat.

(Jack looks a little grouchy but he hates looking into the sun- and not a fan of a mama that wants to take a million pictures!)