The pumpkin patch

We took advantage of a beautiful day and headed to the pumpkin patch. The kids were off school so it was the perfect thing to do Friday. Our kids LOVE this play land and look forward to it every year. Anna continues to soak everything up and couldn't have been happier, until it was time to leave which no one wanted to do.
We started with the tractor ride around the farm to see all the vegetables, pumpkins, and fruit. The kids love riding through the "squishy mud."

Then I made them take the obligatory family photos before running off the play. I seriously think they are so used to the routine of me taking pictures they just get it done as quickly as possible knowing I keep perstering until they all smile.

One of the favorites is the zip line. They each rode it over and over and loved it.

"Mom's got the camera out again. Smile or we will never got through this obstacle course."

What a fun morning.


I'm slacking...

I've said it before. Life gets going and I fall behind on posting. Everyone is great. We are still enjoying this incredible weather. Here are a couple of snapshots from our week.

Warm enough to eat (or wear) ice cream sandwiches outside.

We took Carter and Anna to the zoo this week. They had a blast. Brushing the goats was a big hit and the kids could have stayed there all day, just brushing those goats. It was really cute.

The carousel is always a favorite too.

We haven't made it to the pumpkin patch yet but I go for the photo opportunity whenever I can. These 2 can turn anything goofy.

Hoping to get better about blogging! Stick with us.


It's Fall...

and I have really been lagging in blog posts. Life seems to be moving so quickly I can hardly keep up. I miss the lazy days of summer. Weekends come and go in the blink of an eye as we carpool between swimming and soccer for both Jack and Callie. Carter and Anna are in the swing of preschool and loving every minute of it. Life is good. I will say the weather is absolutely beautiful as the fall days are here and it's been sunny for weeks now. We are still getting so much playground time and I love it. So we put up Halloween decorations which is a constant reminder that it's October, already. I wish I had something exciting to write about, but things are moving along and everyone is happy and doing great.

Here are a couple of pictures of the little ones on our impromptu trip to the fire station. I love our little community and this is a perfect example of it being small enough that we can simply walk down the street to the fire station, pop our heads in and have a friendly visit and tour, complete with hats and stickers.

Happy Fall.