Our China Girl

The Missouri Botanical Gardens had the most beautiful Chinese latern exhibit all summer.  With the heat I wasn't sure we were ever going to get there but the week before school started we had beautiful weather and we packed in activities every day.  I still have a few dresses in different sizes I brought home from China and Anna was excited to get all dressed up and head out.  This was definately one of the most beautiful displays I have ever seen.  The kids also thought it was amazing.


First day of school

Before I begin about the first day of school, I thought I would list my excuses for not posting in such a long time.  It seems there are 4 little gremlins that have taken over the computer and won't give it back.  And the two smallest ones that used to nap and give me a minute of down time, are no longer napping.  So...no blogging for me.
But being that it is the first day of school for the big kids, my computer was suddenly free, yippee.  And maybe because the littles were really missing their siblings, they decided to nap today (with a little persuasion.)
Hopefully this week and I will have some time to download pictures and get back to bloggy world. 

It is a bit quieter around here today, but school pickup is 45 minutes away and our comfortable choas here will be restored!


A Big Day

 The time finally came for Jack to leave for his big meet with his new team.  Although we are obviously incredibly proud of him and so happy that he had the opportunity to do this, I was a tad (large tad) nervous for him to be with no parents for a while.  But he was beyond excited!

 Walking to the bus, and heading to Indiana.

 Believe it or not, he actually let me get on the bus and take this picture.  Only after several moms went before me.  And now he is there and I am home.  I'm heading his way in a couple of days...can't wait!

 And Ms. Callie had her art show at the completion of art camp.  She was very proud and she is quite the artistic gal.  Sure doesn't come from me.