Wordless Wednesday


one must be completed decked out in order to consume a cookie around here. (Or maybe its just that it's been over 100 degrees for so long now the kids just keep sunglasses on all day long.)


Something happened.....

to my kid who detested reading . Despite the fact that he is a really smart kid, getting him to read has been an ongoing chore. Then this summer, it changed. I wish I could pinpoint how it started. Ah yes, I can. It was Harry Potter. He read the first, then the rest in record time. Then a couple more books. Now he's on to the Percy Jackson series. He has spent more time reading this summer than he has his entire life. Getting him to stop is nearly impossible. But, I'm not complaining. It's awesome.


Missouri Botanical Gardens

Since the pool was not an option for us this weekend, I took the kids to the botanical gardens. We got there early before it was too hot and we all enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Even the kids remarked on the "pretty flowers" and they did a great job with all the walking we did.

This is a good reminder to me that there are still a lot of things I want to take the kids to do this summer other than the pool. Next up is the zoo, but we'll have to wait until the temp gets below 100!!


True Story

It started out as a typical trip to the pool...
Jack was in the little pool with Carter and Anna. I'm talking with some friends. I look, see Jack crying and holding his head, blood everywhere. The blood factor was magnified by the fact that it was a head wound and he was already wet so it was dripping down his entire body. I ran over to him and asked him what was hurt but he couldn't talk. I wrap a towel around him and take him to the guard station. My friends took watch of Callie and the little ones. Once we found the source, it turns out he sliced his forehead open on something. So we call daddy, our resident ER doc to come up to the pool and determine course of action. Luckily we are at the pool so much between swim team and just being there that everyone knows us and were so super nice to Jack and myself, who was a tad bit fainty!

Brian arrived and decided no stitches, just dermabond (medical superglue.) So we headed home instead of the ER since Brian can do it there.

Brian tells Jack to get in shower first but he was scared so he got in bath. I take little ones in shower and tell them to be careful. Literally a minute into the shower, Carter fell and busted his chin open. Seriously. So 2 boys lined up for repairs, and since the dermabond can't get wet, we spent the weekend not at the pool.

Don't things happen in 3's?? Just waiting.....


Summer update

Summer is going way too quick for me. Usually we hop into a summer routine and just sit back and enjoy. This summer seems busy and hurried. The big kids have a lot of obligations with swim teams, the little kids are in camp. I'm certainly enjoying the time, just nervous that it's moving too fast and we need more time than we are going to have. But we are having a good time and enjoying the hot weather and pool. I have 4 little fishes and we never tire of afternoons at the pool.

Anna celebrated her 4th birthday. Her actual birthday was the day after my dad passed away so we had a delayed celebration. She had a couple of girlfriends over for a morning of arts and crafts and cookie decorating and couldn't be happier.

The girls also dressed up and played princesses.

Family celebrated that night.

Happy 4th of July.

Jack and Callie, so beautifully dressed. This was outside before my dad's funeral.

Callie hanging out at a swim meet. This little girl has come such along way. Last summer she finished last in almost every event she swam but had such a great spirit and great fun. She spent the winter in private lessons with a stellar coach and this year she is doing awesome. We are so proud and she still has her spunk and continues to shine.

I love that I can take all the kids to a playground and they all have a ball. We went to Ohio for the 4th to visit Brian's dad and the kids had a blast. It was the perfetct mini vacation.

Jack loves that he can shape his hair any way, any time. The kid swims so much that no matter how much conditioner I put in, it's swimmers hair and he is loving it.

Hoping to get better about updates. Praying for a nice long, slow summer with my kids!!