Summer Days

With my dad being sick at the end of the school year and into the beginning of the summer, we are just now getting into our summer routine. The big kids are at swim team practice every morning, the little kids are watching or in preschool camp. We try and spend our afternoons back at the pool after naps. I love summer and knowing we have endless amounts of outside time. I still need to plan some activities. I try and get to the zoo, some museums, different parks, but right now we are just enjoying the sunshine.


In Memory

My dad lost his battle with lung cancer last weekend. The past couple of weeks have been rough, emotional, and just plain sad.
His suffering is over and I can only believe that he is with our Lord in heaven.

I took this picture in April. It was my dad's 69th birthday and we surprised him and took him out to lunch. My children all got to see and talk to their Papa the week before he passed. I have so much to say about what an incredible man my dad is, but I can't put any words together right now.