4 year olds...

have the ability to go from this... to this.

And this...

to this. All I can say is M & M's make the world go around (at least our world.)



I don't have any, sisters that is. I grew up with all brothers. But my friendships with my girlfriends are the ones that I cherish most deeply. There is an intimacy in my relationships with my girlfriends like no other. When we brought home Anna I was so excited for Callie, that she would get the have the experience of having a sister, a best friend, her first experience of being so close to someone with whom you can share all of your secrets.
And reality.... Reality around here is that I have 2 girls with extremely strong personalities. Girls who argue with each other, girls who compete with each other. The love and closeness just doesn't radiate for each other with these two. I get glimpses from time to time. So I take advantage of those moments and know that sisters are forever, and they will figure it out.


Sunday Inspiration

Everyone has inside them a piece of good news.

The good news is you don't know how great you can be!

How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is.

Anne Frank



We spent Valentine's Day at Children's Hospital with Carter. He had eye surgery and is home and a much happier kiddo today. I know I've said it before, but this kid is amazing. Not one complaint yesterday at the hospital, about a single thing. Coming out of anesthesia was not pretty but today is a new day and we have our happy, smily, fun loving little boy back.

And Brian and I can breathe a big sigh of relief!


Our Valentine's

Anna, Brian and Carter on their way to breakfast at preschool with Daddy.

The traditional holiday cookie decorating. Seriously my kids beg for these cookies on every holiday. I wonder if it has to do with the sugar consumption when decorating. Or it could be the yummy cookie for dessert every night. Either way we all have a great time and enjoy our masterpieces when done.

I'm not opposed to the store bought cards, but my kids really aren't into any characters and we have fun making our own valentines. I love Callie's this year. We bought some white cardstock, several different pieces of scrapbook paper, and a big heart punch. She punched hearts out of all of the scrapbook paper. We took the cardstock and folded it in half, layered 3 hearts on top of one another, and sewed them on the card. You then fold the hearts out and end up with an adorable 3 dimensional card.

She handwrote notes to each of her classmates on the inside of the card.

The littles decorated their cardstock with stamps and stickers.

And 10 year old boys. I'm not sure what they do for Valentine's but Jack just wrote to and from on his plain white cardstock- done!

Valentine's Day will be low key for us this year. Carter is having his eye surgery that day so please keep us in your prayers.


Double Digits

My oldest (not ) baby turned 10 this weekend, on superbowl Sunday. It's a bit of a hard reality, having your first child turn 10! Jack really wanted a kitten, but with all the asthma in this house, this was his second choice. And the littles were the first to see our new friend.

Funny having 4 year olds. Jack got home Friday from school and Carter promptly said, "we got you a fish for your birthday." So much for the surprise.

For Jack's birthday, he chose to go tubing at a local ski resort. Who knew it would be 60 degrees all week long, in February, in St. Louis. So plans changed and we went rock climbing. He took 3 friends and they all had a great time.

His buddies spent the night Saturday night and sunday we did just family dinner for him. I love that my kids all want me to make something for them, not store bought cakes. Jack chose chocolate chip M&M cookie cake with ice cream.

And now I have a 10 year old. But I'm blessed with a very sweet and kind one that is full of love, ambition, intelligence and greatness.

Happy Birthday Jack.