Double Digits

My oldest (not ) baby turned 10 this weekend, on superbowl Sunday. It's a bit of a hard reality, having your first child turn 10! Jack really wanted a kitten, but with all the asthma in this house, this was his second choice. And the littles were the first to see our new friend.

Funny having 4 year olds. Jack got home Friday from school and Carter promptly said, "we got you a fish for your birthday." So much for the surprise.

For Jack's birthday, he chose to go tubing at a local ski resort. Who knew it would be 60 degrees all week long, in February, in St. Louis. So plans changed and we went rock climbing. He took 3 friends and they all had a great time.

His buddies spent the night Saturday night and sunday we did just family dinner for him. I love that my kids all want me to make something for them, not store bought cakes. Jack chose chocolate chip M&M cookie cake with ice cream.

And now I have a 10 year old. But I'm blessed with a very sweet and kind one that is full of love, ambition, intelligence and greatness.

Happy Birthday Jack.

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