Rain, rain, go away...

I have many more pictures of the temple that should be in the slideshow but I had been working with photobucket for over an hour and the connection was so slow so I gave up. Yesterday after we went and filled out the paperwork for Anna's passport, our guide took us to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. It was beautiful despite the drizzle. She gave a lot of history about it but Brian listened while I was running after Ting Ting so I didn't hear much. I'll ask Brian to write a post later. Another family from our agency arrived last evening which is wonderful for me, espcially since Brian left this morning. We went out to dinner with them and our guide. They just adopted the most adorable 5 year old boy. He is absolutely charming and so fond of Ting Ting. This is their 2nd adoption from China and they brought their 7 year old daughter with them. Ting Ting is enamored by her as well. The 2 little ones chatted immediately- of course we had no idea what they were saying. Brian had quite a few thoughts about what they were saying- like "why the heck are we here with these strange people!" We had a wonderful dinner. I continue to be amazed at what this little girl eats. She ate spicy shrimp curry, crab, spicy chicken... I'm not sure how much she is going to like of our bland chicken nuggets and pizza reperatoire at our house. I gues you can add tobasco to anything!

This morning Brian left around 5:45 am. I was so sad to have him leave but told him I am so happy that he is going home to our kids. Despite skyping and seeing that they are fine and happy as can be, I know they will be so happy to have their daddy home. My mom is coming tomorrow around midnight and I will be equally happy to see her. I know parents have come on this journey alone and I'm the first to admit I could not do it.

Anna had her medical exam this morning. It was a bit more invvolved than I was lead to believe but everyone was very nice and she only had to get 2 shots and her TB test so I was very grateful for that. We were supposed to go sightseeing but it is raining (again!) so we came back to the hotel. Actually it worked out well because we were already an hour past naptime and despite my lack of worry about Anna living on lollipops while we are here, I'm trying to stay on top of her sleep schedule. We ate crackers in our room for lunch and she is napping here now. When we got dropped off I asked the other family if we could meet in the lobby this afternoon to do something. What I'm not sure but I really want the company. They have also been here before so I'm up for anything they want to do. Tomorrow we have NOTHING planned so once again I will ask our new friends if we can do something together. Hopefully it will not be raining so we can go back to the island and walk around.

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  1. Hi Jen and Anna!
    Anna you are adorable! Have fun with your new mamma. She's a good one. Good night to you two in China!