Blessings and Prayers

I meant to post this before I left but I was so busy, it just didn't get done. We are so blessed to have so many friends and family that have been a large part in making this journey possible. We are blessed to have family and friends that will be watching our children at home, loving them, taking care of them, and making sure they are O.K. without Mom and Dad. Thank you so much mom for watching our kids. I am grateful to all of my friends that will be stepping in for playdates and carpool. I am thankful for my Sunday school friends who are providing meals for my family. I am eternally blessed to have such an incredible best friend who will do whatever it takes to make sure I am O.K. on this journey. Again, thank you to all. We can't wait for you to meet Anna. So many have told us how blessed this little girl is to be coming into our family. I wish I could say I feel the same way but the truth is that I feel that we are the one's blessed. Anna is our blessing.
Please keep us in your prayers these next 2 weeks. While this is an amazing journey for us, it will be a difficult one for Anna. She is leaving everything she has ever known and coming into a completely new life. Please pray that God is preparing her heart for this transition. Please pray that our children at home are happy. Please pray that I allow myself to take in everything about this trip and focus on my time here without being too heartbroken about missing my kiddos. Thank you for all your prayers and positive thoughts.

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