Countdown to China

One week from today, we will have met our daughter and officially become a family of 6. Instead of looking at the same 6 pictures of Anna throughout the day, I will be watching her, holding her, loving her and learning about her. Our children here will be able to talk to her on Skype and she will see them. Amazing isn't it!!
We started the packing process last night. Luckily we are both light packers and I am planning on doing laundry once or twice there. It's a daunting task but I keep telling myself they do have stores there right?
I've been working on a binder for my mom on the kids. I think I'm done- it's about 50 pages long. Every hour of every day for the kids is detailed. How to put them to bed, what they like to eat, how to get to all the parks, medical releases, phone lists...everything I could think of. I've sent a ton of e-mails to all the people involved with the kids on schedules and contacts. I know this is a bit overboard, but I need to do it for my own peace of mind.
I have today and tomorrow, then were off. Unbelievable.


  1. Hi Jen,
    We leave this evening and stay overnight near JFK and fly to China tomorrow. We'll be there the 8th (evening). Have a few days to ourselves, and then we'll be getting our child also on the 12th. Do you have any idea when you will visit the SWI? We were told the 15th is a possibility. Could do the 14th, but I'd rather have my son for a little longer before making that trip to the SWI.
    See you in Guangzhou!

  2. We did the same thing when preparing our family before we left. It helped us feel better about leaving them behind. Our youngest missed one soccer game, but everything else went smoothly. Happy travels! I can't wait to see your pictures!

  3. Hope to meet you there!! We leave Friday!!!!

  4. Jen and family,
    We will be thinking of you while you are on your amazing journey!
    Have a great time and we will see you when you get home.
    All the best to you!
    Tracy and Lexi