Giving thanks and praise...

My mom arrived safely and Brian is home with our children. So many praises to Jesus for their safe journeys. Despite jet lag and the long journey, my mom hung in there all day and little Anna is enamored by her. It's wonderful that Anna likes her so much but also another painful reminder of her lack of attachment to me which again reminds me that she is so lost right now and needs so much attention. I'm trying to give as much physical attention through touch- hugs and so many kisses and I know the rest will come in time.
I am so thankful to my angels, the Glickels, who without knowing have been so wonderful to be around the past couple of days. I was really worried about being here alone with Anna and they are the other family here with my agency. They have allowed me to tag along and I have loved the time with them and their children. Anna loves their children as well and it has been entertaining and comforting at the same time.
I also have been praying so hard for another family with our agency and God answered prayers in a BIG way. Brian and I spent the day with this family in Beijing and we spent so much time talking about our journeys and excitement to meet our children. When Brian and I landed in Guangzhou, our guide told us there was a problem with the other family. It turns out their daughter was blind and this was an undisclosed special need. This has truly been my biggest fear in this whole process- that we would get Anna and she would not be functional and we would be faced with a life decision. I knew this was a possibility since we knew she has a malformation in her brain but have been praying so hard and it turns out she is wonderful and smart and on track developmentally thus far. This other couple turned down the referral and I truly can't imageine the heartbreak after years of waiting and the past 6 months of planning and excitement. Our agency definately went to bat for this family and they were given another referral, a baby girl with a minor heart defect. I met the mother in our hotel this afternoon and felt such emotion for her. I was so tearful and grateful for God's work. IN the end they received a healthy baby girl and feel blessed about the entire situation. I am still so emotional for them and so happy for them. I absolutely cannot imagine surviving an ordeal like that. So now I am once again in a quiet place giving thanks and praise to God for all that has transpired the past 48 hours. How blessed we all are!
On another note, our guide took us out to dinner tonight. I have been worried about what my mom would eat- she is not the adventurous eater that I am. Let's just say we ordered roasted chicken (there were chickens in a cage at the door!) To set the scene, remember the movie A A Christmas Story (a classic-my favorite) when the family has to go to get Chinese food because it is the only place open on Christmas and the dogs ate their Christmas turkey. Well the turkey they order comes to the table with the head still on and when the mom freaks out, they chop the head off with a cleaver at the table! So back to us tonight -chicken arrives in whole, head and feet in tact. I seriously thought my mom was going to pass out or get very sick. Our guide immediately asked them to please remove the head so what do they do- chop it off and put it right on the plate! Our guide finally asks them to take it all apart. I think my mom is going vegitarian the next week!! I wanted so badly to get a picture but they took it away so quickly- oh well. I have to admit it was tasty chicken. I've been here a week so I can be adventurous right??? Anna continues to be a sweet angel. Tomorrow we are spending the entire day at the safari park so I SHOULD have pictures to share. The above are pictures of her with the Glickel children.
So I thought I would let my mom write a post- just for fun!!
OMG! It took 32 hours and a lifetime to get here, and I could not be prouder of my family! I sit here and tears are flowing, this is such an incredible journey. Brian and Jen are so dedicatd to be doing such an amazing thing. Anna has such achieved an incredible view of life, and our family has gained an incredible exposure of life, and love. I have had the opportunity to travel in Europe in the past, but this is such an incredibly different environment, ancient world, ancient development. We are in a 5 Star hotel overlooking an apartment with laundry hanging out to dry. The parents involved in adoptions are here, grouping the families together, and they are all amazing, so giving. I will not even give the details of the dinner which involved a cooked chicken with head and all, I am eating vegatables from this point forward! I am so grateful to Jen and Brian, they have expanded our world enormously! Good night to all. Gail

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  1. Hi Jen,
    It's Brenda (Sophie's mom) from gymnastics. Love reading your blog, and it brings back such amazing memories. Sounds like you are doing great and Anna is just so beautiful. You have such a wonderful outlook and perspective and I know it is so wonderful/difficult in the beginning. You get it though, I think better than I did. It takes time, time, time . . . I often thought about how well I knew my other three when they were 3-4 years old. Without even realizing it you understand so many subtleties about their personalities, wants, needs, likes, dislikes, etc. Time will bring all those to you and Anna, so being patient is so key. Again, I really think you get that. Here is a qoute I read this week about adopting older children (not babies), and I just think it's so true: "We (adoptive parents) want to be a happy ending right away, but it takes time to learn to be a family together." I really believe that sums it up well. Anyway, my prayers are with you and I feel so honored to share the journey a little bit through your friendship and the blog.
    All the best in the coming days,