Play ball

Callie has finally reached the age where she can play ball, like her big brother. Watching t-ball practice brings back memories of what t-ball is really all about- everything but playing the game. It is very entertaining- watching the kids pick flowers in the field, talk about the airplane flying overhead, discuss what snack they get at the end of the game, needing ANOTHER water break. They are 5 years old, what more could we expect, And I'm always up for a good chuckle.

You must have the proper attire in Callie's world to go to practice, a skirt and pink shoes.

Suh-wing, and a miss. Try again.

"Mom, why are you the only one out here taking pictures?"

In the meantime, I had 2 little monkeys on the playground. Thank goodness it is right next to the field.

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