When I got home from China, I felt nearly to tears from the outpouring of support we received from so many people while we were gone and the first few weeks we were home. I said again and again how blessed we were to have such wonderful friends and family, so many people who so graciously helped in every way. And just weeks later, these same people are at it again, offering so much help and support so I can be at the hospital as much as possible with my mom. My best friend has had my children for days. My cousin has had my children. Friends are bringing food and grocery shopping for us. Friends are taking our kids to all of their activities and back. Everyone being sure Anna has all her needs met and giving lots of love. We are so blessed. Everyone praying for my mom, I am eternally grateful.
My mom was taken off her heart machine and is stable. She is still on the ventilator and sedated and I'm told making baby steps. She was taken by helicoptor to another hospital two days ago for more critical care and is holding on. I NEED this woman. She is my everything. Thank you to all my angels for taking care of me and my family. KEEP Praying- God is listening.


  1. Will continue to pray for you all!!! So glad she is making baby steps.

  2. We are praying for your mom and your family. Please let me know what I can do to help.

  3. Best of luck Jen. I feel the same way about my mom.

  4. Hello Jen. I came to your post today, and what a shock about your mother! Life is so full of mystery, and at unexpected times like what you are going through now, life can be so very trying- you love your mother so much and who needs you, and you have a new daughter who needs your love. Mothers are so special, and I certainly hope that your mother pulls through! Last summer, an older sister of mine (she is going to be 70 years old this summer!), had a pulmonary embolism following a broken leg from a fall in her home the day after she had travelled from New Zealand to the West Coast of Canada. A long flight combined with a lower leg injury caused the embolism. She was hospitalized for a week, and it shook my life! She is like a second mother to me with our age differences, but also a caring and loving sister. My emotions were extreme at times it seemed at the thought of her passing away. Fortunately, she stabilized. With medication and physiotherapy, she is fine. This summer she travels to Japan, then to China, and then to the West Coast from her current home of New Zealand. I miss her lots, and will see her in August, but my mind keeps thinking that she may not be so lucky if she experiences another incident as last summer. I prayed with all my heart last summer, and God did listen. But, sometimes God has other plans with people in our lives. I lost a brother in April this year, and it was so sad as he died from complications of alcoholism. So very sad. Another brother died from AIDS back in the 1980's with my father dying from bone cancer just a year before my brother. My mother passed away 15 years ago from a stroke. With each family member's passing over the years, a part of me has gone with them. Yet, somehow, we who are living and are physically well, move on in life, and hopefully, we bring to life a more wise and patient understanding of others who struggle along. And taking time with enjoying the moments of happiness in our present as well. While I don't know you personally, you strike me as a very spiritual person who has a very loving family of children who adore you. Their smiles and laughter in your photos reflect that. God bless you. Zoe-Ann with a DD from Guangxi, China (adopted 21 mos of age), now she is 3 years, 4 mos. old. PS: DD took about 4 months being at home before starting to attach/bond with DH. And she too would scream/cry if I was out of her line of sight in the house! Now, she just asks me where am I and what I am doing if she does not see me after being home a year and a half!