Belated Mother's Day gift

Jack brought home some coupons today for Mother's Day. Apparently he forgot them last week ( and everyday this week until today.) I have to say it was adorable but I noticed an underlying theme. Let's go through the coupon book.

Now we have strict rules about Nintendo DS time- only on weekends and with time restrictions. I love how he says this is the way he can give me a break. Is this a coupon for Mom or Jack?

Anyone else noticing the recurrent theme? I have to give him credit, he is really working it!

What a sweet boy, he will take his plate to the sink. But notice how he conveniently crosses off "I will eat all my vegetables." No way he can leave this clause in, I might make him eat string beans.

But how can I resist the help with Anna and Carter. And I have to say he really means it and is the best at playing with them when I need him to.

This is the true heart of this boy- his favorite thing to do with me is "cutle" or cuddle. I love that he still loves to sit in my lap and snuggle and actually asks for this time with me often. This is the best belated Mother's day gift ever!

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