Welcome Home Anna party

My best friend and her family threw a wonderful welcome home Anna party for us this past weekend. They rented a pavillion at the park and everyone had the best time. We kept it to family and close friends because I was not sure how Anna would be so soon after being home and it all worked out perfectly. The kids had the playground, the baseball field and Sara brought bubbles and chalk which were a big hit. The weather was perfect and little Anna had a great time. I've said this before but we are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends who have all been such a big support for us. I am humbled by the outpouring of love, support, encouragement and food! that have been given to us by family and friends and we are so grateful and thankful.

Anna's favorite thing to do-eat! I had to cut her off or she would have sat and ate the entire time. Once again, the girl goes for Cheetos. Can't say I blame her, I love them too.

Callie found a frog earlier that day so he had to come to the party too. I don't go near anything without fur but she is fearless and loves to play with all creatures big and small.

I tried to take as many pictures as I could and thanks everyone for allowing me to be in your face.

Anna has no shortage of older girls that are thrilled to play with her and meet her every need. And yes, she was back to the food table.

The guys manning the grill. Those were some yummy burgers!

The kids....

A friend of ours made this great banner with the header from my blog. The kids loved seeing themselves all over it. I did learn that Anna still calls herself Guan Ting. When she was pointing to herself on the banner, she used that name.

Thank you Runge family for an awesome welcome home party! It was the best and we love you.

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