Last days of school

I always get emotional this time of year. It marks the end of yet another school year gone by which somehow makes me think my kids are just getting older at an alarmingly fast rate. Everyone had wonderful last days of school and we are excited for the summer months where we typically live at the pool.
Callie finished preschool and will move on to Kindergarten next year. This was such a big year for her in terms of maturing and going from a preschool girl to one that is ready for elementary school. She is the type of kid that will hit the ground running and I can't wait to see how this spitfire continues to grow.

Callie with her teachers- at the best preschool in the world!!!

Callie and her best friend Ava. Sadly she is not going to the same school next year but luckily she is right down the street so the girls can play anytime.

Callie and her friends at an end of year picnic.

And then there is Jack. How is it possible that I have a kiddo who will be going into 3rd grade???I think he was a little excited about today.
Jack and his teacher. He loved her and this was such a great year for him. On a side note, his teacher and the class followed our blog for our trip to China each day we were there. The class was so excited and he received so much attention and support the entire time. When we came home everyone was waiting to meet Anna. It was amazing to see an entire class of kids fascinated by her and following her on the playground. She was a star and had a whole school waiting to meet her. I love Jack's school and they were all such a wonderful support for us. The kids, parents and staff couldn't be any better.
Jack and his best friend Grace.

So another school year passes and summer begins. Bring on the festivities!

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