Thanksgiving in Pictures

Brian did a turkey trot with his buddies. With me out on injury, it was his turn to give it a shot and he did great.
Meanwhile the kids were decorating cookies to take to Thanksgiving dinner. Somehow we ended up with pastel flowers- a bit more Easterlike than Thanksgiving but they tasted yummy.

At my parents house. My kiddos posing with their cousin, B. B is only 6 days older than Carter so there are 3 kids all the exact same age.

B. and the girls. I think they were all pretty happy to play together.

My dad on the rocking horse with the kids. I wish I could say he was riding away but I think he was changing batteries in it for them.

Myself, my great aunt Emma and my mom. Emma will be 97 next month, amazing. She lives in her own house alone, drives, and just gave up mowing her lawn this past summer. She is unbelievable and attributes everything to her strong faith and devotion to Jesus.

Jack and Callie playing soccer. It was 65 degrees outside on Thanksgiving so the kids got to play outside and it was wonderful.

My sister in law, my brother and their sweet baby, S. This is B's mom and dad.

The kids playing under the dining room table.

The kids table.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. How sad that the day passes so quickly and our time together so short. Luckily Christmas is right around the corner.

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