Having the Blues

"Pinkalicious has the blues," Daddy said that night when I wouldn't play pink-pong with him.
"What does it mean when you have the blues?" I asked.
"It means you feel sad."


I know it's Thanksgiving, and I have so much to be grateful for, but I've been a little down in the dumps for a while. My plan, to vent and move on and get in the spirit of being thankful, because I am truly blessed in every area of my life.
I had been training for a marathon. For those that haven't done it before, it's a lot of work. For 5 months Brian rearraged his work schedule to accomodate my running. And I ran, all the time, and was tired. But it was seeming to pay off and I was hoping to qualify for Boston. Ten days before the race, I got a stress fracture in my femur. No race, no running. And once I got past that fact, the sheer hardship of staying off my leg until at least January stinks.
This past weekend I took Jack to his first Championship meet for swimming. A first overnight away with just him and I. He worked so hard to get this and I am so proud of him. To keep his stuff semi-private, it was an awful meet for him and we had hours of tears, both of us. In a nutshell it was a true learning experience, just not one I was expecting this weekend in my time with my boy.
And now I'm facing my first holiday without my Dad. This alone crushes my soul.

So I'm done. I'm usually one of those people that encourages the positive and certainly preaches it to my kids. But I don't feel bad about allowing myself my moment of grief. The kids will be off school the rest of the week. We have a lot of celebrating to do. This tends to be a big arts and crafts weekend since the kids are home for a while and I love doing that stuff. I'm sure we'll be baking too. And I'm going to turn myself around, spend some time in prayer, and get into the true meaning of this holiday and give thanks.

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