Crafty Turkeys

This was a super fun project to do with the kids. I even saved extras of everything because I know Callie will get home from school, see these and want to make her own.
We took a walk to collect leaves. They are all so beautiful right now so it was easy to get lots of different shapes and colors.
I cut the circles out from grocery bags and we had google eyes in our craft bin.
Glue the little circle on the big circle, glue eyes on, and glue big circle on the middle of a piece of paper. Draw some legs. They colored a beak on the face and broke a piece of leaf and glued it down for the gobbler. Then I put a bunch of glue down around the body and let the kids pick and place their leaves where they wanted.

I think I'll string them together and hang them from the mantle on the fireplace.

Project idea from Babycenter

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