This is it...

Here is the happy post I have been waiting to write about. Despite the rough beginning to last week, a lot turned around and we are moving forward. We are waiting on 1 document, the coveted TA (travel approval.) After much discussion with our agency, they have us TENTATIVELY leaving April 8. We must get our TA by March 22 for this to happen but statistically it should be here by then. I have spent over a year reading about other people's China adoption journey's and here we are, about to embark on our own. It truly is completely surreal and until I land in China I still won't believe it.
Between now and then, we are taking the kids to Florida for spring break which will be a wonderful diversion. Plus winter has lasted forever around here and we are all excited about going. I am looking forward to that week with our family and really hope to focus on enjoying my kids and spending a lot of fun time with them. Once we get home, the rush will be on to get everything done- schedules made, bags packed, groceries bought to last weeks, house cleaned, all laundry done..... A lot of this will be down the wire, completed the last 24 hours before we go. But those who know me know I can't possibly leave unless everything is in perfect order, especially regarding my kids.
So, stay tuned. The plan could change at any minute. But right now I'm going to enjoy the feeling knowing I am meeting my daughter NEXT MONTH!!!!!


  1. Hi there:)
    We are on the same timeline as you...waiting for Article 5(next week probably), and then TA. It looks like we might be able to squeeze in an early April travel. We are hoping to avoid the Trade Fair, but we might not have a choice.
    Our daughter is just a few weeks older than Anna. Her birthday is in late May.
    So we may see you over there:)
    Hoping for a speedy TA for you guys!
    Amy(w8ing4aprincess on RQ)

  2. Wonderful post! So happy for you! It is so nice to have a date to plan for! Blessings!