Our day at Sea World and the Nickelodeon hotel

We are back from our day at Sea World. The kids had a great time. We got here yesterday and had not told them we were staying at the Nickelodeon hotel. We totally would not be staying here as we don't watch this channel at all. We are more Playhouse Disney watchers but it was seriously the least expensive (that's a fancy word for cheapest) place to stay. The water park in the middle was a big hit despite the cooler tempaeratures. The rooms are crazy, all painted in characters we don't know but with fun bunk beds for the kids. Sea World was wonderful- so much to see. Carter is doing great despite the lack of nap yesterday and today. He was in awe of everything. We were a bit apprehensive about the Shamu show given the "accident" a couple of weeks ago but it was fantastic. We are headed to my parents house tomorrow for the duration of our trip.

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