No new news

We have already waited 3 weeks for our travel approval (TA) and are hoping it gets here soon. The average time frame is 2-4 weeks so hopefully it will be here this week or next. I'm feeling very anxious about it though because since Chinese New Year there has been a lack of TA's for some reason and people have been waiting 6-8 weeks. We NEED this TA by March 25th in order to travel in April. Otherwise we have to wait until May and that would break my heart. So please keep us in your prayers for our TA to get here SOON!
We are headed to Florida Tues. and are all looking forward to some sun. The kids are so excited they can hardly wait.

Here are a couple of pictures from the past week- completely random but silly.

Callie and Carter enjoying the rare sunny and slightly warmer day. (Check out the static in the hair!)

These were party favors they got that afternoon.

Did you get the memo that it was crazy hair day?


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that your TA comes soon!!
    I'm in the boat with you :o)

  2. Heading to FL?? Great idea. Wish I had thought of that while I'm waiting for this stupid TA!!!! :-)

  3. Hope your TA comes this week!!! We sooo need a speed up in TA's!