My compassionate son

Poor Jack had to go to the dentist to get his front tooth pulled yesterday. His permanent tooth was growing in behind the baby tooth so the dentist had to get it out. This was also the case with his other front tooth which he had pulled about a month ago. The first went flawlessly and he came out in smiles excited about the tooth fairy coming that night. Yesterday was a different story. I was in the waiting room and when he was done he came out running to me SOBBING and wrapped himself around me. When he could finally talk he said the numbing gel wore off and it "really hurt." As we were leaving the dental assistant came out and said Jack didn't want to choose any prizes for himself, but he did chose something for his sister! Back up a bit... earlier in the week Jack found a Japanese fan he got at a festival a long time ago. It's funny how those toys that have been out of sight for such a long time all of a sudden become "my favorite one." This silly fan has been the subject of a lot of sharing issues this week. So- what did Jack chose for his sister in his crying state of pain... a Japanese fan. They played with those fans all night. This is truly Jack's personality. He is such a caring big brother and we love him!

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