February 5, 2002

Eight years ago, I walked into the hospital as a wife, daughter, social worker... The next day I became a mother. No one could have told me what it truly feels like to be a mother. The incredible feeling of falling deeply in love in an instant. The emotions involved in the complete care of your child. The feelings of joy, excitement, love, pride, and fear, sorrow, frustration, guilt- all fluctuating on a daily basis, sometimes a minute by minute basis. Being a mother is more that I could have ever imagined and everything I have ever wanted. This is the title I have aspired to my whole life and I couldn't be any more content in this role. This is the most important and meaningful job I have ever done and will ever do and I love every minute of it ( well, some more than others.)

Happy 8th Birthday Jack, you changed my life!

Jack's baptism

Jack's first wedding

I'm so cute!!!

I'm 2!!!

I'm 3.

I'm 4.

Jack's BFF (from age 6 months and still at age 8!)

I'm 5.

I'm 6.

And 7.

I love you Jack.

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  1. Love your blog Jen... you must live close to me - I live in Ofallon Il. Just wondering where you went to the beach around here? (I just moved here in July). Hope you get your TA soon!