Winter blues

Once the holiday season is over and we've had a first snow, the winter starts to drag. It's only the end of January and we have a long way to go. Part of the problem this season is that we truly haven't had any sun in I don't know how long. It's been bitter cold, then grey and wet for an endless amount of time now. I asked Callie when the last time we saw sunshine was and she said "What sunshine?" My point exactly. Since winter break we've been cooped up inside and the natives are getting restless. One of the nice things about St. Louis is that we can always count on days here and there in the winter when it is warm and sunny enough to play outside, ride bikes and go to the playground. That hasn't quite happened. It's literally pouring right now with no end in sight. I know I'm one of those people that is affected by lack of sun and outdoor air. On top of the weather, yesterday I had an unexpected root canal. And my best friend is in SUNNY Florida for a week. So, I'm crabby. What to do when crabbiness strikes at our house- bake! I am a sugar person, the more the better. We've made cake, cookies, brownies... Luckily my kids love to bake too and what better reward that a sweet treat.

Can you feel the love? See, sugar makes everyone oh so happy!

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