Our weekend at the pool

As a mom, I always wonder what my kids are going to be like as they get older. This includes what activities they will like to do. Our children have taken a lot of different classes, played a lot of sports, and we generally let them decide what they want to keep doing or stop doing. We've done soccer, baseball, gymnastics, ballet, music, basketball... Last summer Jack joined our community swim team and learned this was his passion. He had a great summer swimming and decided to join a year round team. So this weekend he had a swim meet Saturday and Sunday. That's 2 mornings of getting up by 6:00am to be in the water for warm-up by 7:00am. I am amazed at my son's dedication, devotion and hard work for this sport. I couldn't feel more proud watching him race and then be so happy and excited. The amount of swimming he does in weekly practice is enough to make my head spin. There is no way I could keep up with him. Way to go Jack. You are awesome!

Part of the fun of a swim meet for the kids is the downtime. Can you guess what the favorite activity to do is during break???

Here are a couple of the result scoreboards. (he is Ullery, J.)

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