Weekend Recap

Awesome!!! In a word that was our weekend. I know I posted a bunch of swim pics in the last post but this is where we were all weekend and Jack had a great meet. No top finishes but improvements in all of his times and a great sense of team spirit. My parents flew home from Florida to watch and his cousin was along for the ride all weekend long too.

Jack and his cousin Morgan, my niece.

My mom and dad.

Not sure if he's waving or telling me not to take any more pictures of him.

Getting ready to step up on the block.

Our crew camped out with activites in between races.

My mom, Anna and Callie.

And Carter....

So my boy Jack did indeed swim fast. On friday night he told me the t-shirts weren't so embarassing after all. We yelled and cheered and acted kinda crazy, just the way I like it. But when it comes to my kids, I'm all in and lovin every minute of it.

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