Happy Birthday Jack

Somehow it is happening. My baby just keeps on getting another year older. He's not 5, or 6, he's 9 now. Still my cuddle guy, the reality of his little body being not so little anymore is hitting me like a ton of bricks. It won't be long before we look each other eye to eye.
I really love this kid. He is compassionate, smart, talented, devoted and a wonderful son and brother. He says things that sometimes just strike me and confirm what kind of kid he really is. The other day we were driving and saw a women stuck in the snow on a turn. There was a group of men pushing and pushing on her car trying to help her out. We watched for a while at our red light and they finally got her out of the snow bank. Jack says, "for some reason that makes me feel warm inside mom. I'm so glad she is not stuck anymore." He watches insightfully and truly hopes for the best, for everyone.
Jack's birthday weekend plans got cancelled so we still have some celebrating to do. This crazy winter weather is really putting a damper on things. We were supposed to go out of town to the water park but yet ANOTHER snow storm kept us home. He was a good sport about it and we hope to go in a couple of weekends. He was able to have a fun day with his best friend. They went out to lunch and cosmic bowling.

He was thrilled with his gift from us.

I highly recommend this toy for this age boy. It's called snap circuits and Jack has already spent hours creating different experiments.

We celebrated with our whole family.

These 2 brothers are the best of friends.

Happy Birthday dear Jack. You are quite the wonderful 9 year old boy and we love you.

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