The Storm

The weather forecast had warned, it was to be the "storm of the century." An inch of ice followed by 12-20 inches of snow. Well, we did get a mini storm, but certainly not what they predicted. We got about an inch of ice and a couple of inches of snow. What's really important here is the kids had 2 more snow days. I really don't mind snow days, in the beginning. I have just enough creativity to come up with art projects for a while. But we have had 2 snow days already and my creative juices have run dry. In all honesty the past 2 days with the kids home ended up just fine. We had our best friends over for dinner last night which broke up the time and the kids did remarkably well finding things to do.

Jack, Callie and Jack's friends Grace braved the 10 degree weather to play in the snow (for an hour and a half!!)

They were very proud of their tunnel digging.

Today we were able to drive and venture to the store to get Valentine crafts. I'm never this organized but thought we would get a start on Valentines cards.

Callie was very enthusiastic and worked long and hard on her cards. We don't buy the premade ones but let the kids create their own.

Anna's first Valentine's cards.

Sometimes I have to take a step back from the daily routine and just look at what Anna has accomplished in the past 9 months. Not only has she mastered the language, she has learned to write her name. She wrote her name on 12 hearts and I was very proud of her.

Still don't know if the kiddos have school tomorrow but I'm thinking it's time to go back. We had a good time at home but the natives are a bit restless.

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