Slow recovery

I know I know, boring tales of flu. It seems almost everyone has been hit at some point this winter and it was finally our turn. While it has been a long lasting flu, no one got the stomach flu around here and I am very grateful for that. The final count, 4 down, 2 escaped. Callie and Jack were the lucky ones.

My countertop.

I just had to post these. The first day I was down, Brian was with the kids and got them dressed. Keep in mind it is the middle of winter and about 10 degrees outside. So Callie is in capris....
And Carter is in a t-shirt and sweatpants that are 2 years old and obviously a wee bit short.

The man did his best and I love him for that. Fashion and dressing children is just not his calling!I'm much better now and were almost back in the swing of things. It feels so good to have life back in order.

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  1. oh man I love how they try. my DH will dress my seven year old in our 4yr olds clothes and vice versa it cracks me up. Gotta love them.