What was I thinking...

I was thinking that I really wanted to get home and get my tired kiddos in bed. So I had a temporary lapse in judgement and let Carter (and Anna who was a bit more dainty about it) eat chocolate ice cream in the car on the way home. This is way out there for me, I am definately a neat freak. So the first time Carter said he spilled, I told him he would take a bath when we got home. By the time we got home, I had said "hold on buddy" about 50 times.
Let me just say we will never be eating chocolate ice cream in the car again. The car seat is disassembled and in the wash. I have little chocolate hand prints going along the wall up the staircase, and despite the fact that everything comes clean in the end, it was just too much for me on a Sunday night. So next time we are in a hurry kiddos and you want ice cream, ask mommy for vanilla and I just might say O.K.

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  1. Funny! Lexi wanted to see Anna and Carter this morning. Here is my advice....vanilla shake in a sippy cup! You get the all the rest that can't fit in the cup.