Big Fish, Little Fish

So I'm not a mama that likes to brag about her kids but I'm going to do it, just this time. Jack has been swimming a lot. That means 4-5 days a week, every week. He swims with a competitive team and we spend many a weekend at swim meets. The kid works hard and this weekend we are headed to the Division I Championships. I could not be prouder and any more excited for him. He is one of the youngest qualifiers.

I had t-shirts made to wear this weekend to support our rising star. We love them but he is a little embarrassed. Jack's team name is FAST and team colors are yellow and green.

A big smile at the last swim meet after qualifying for another event.

And the other kiddos. They have been such troopers. They spend a lot of time on gym floors at swim meets. I have a large bag of "stuff" that travels with us. Crayons, markers, coloring books, DS's, DVD players, snacks.....Brian and I do try and alternate going to the meets and staying home with the kids so they don't have to go all the time but we do want them to go and watch Jack swim one day of a 3 day meet.

Jack has had a fantastic swimming season and we continue to be wowed by this kid. He is outstanding, hard working, upbeat, excited, a great team player, and wonderful learner. His coaches certainly get a kick out of him. He has been the big fish. This weekend he will be the little fish, swimming with the big fishes. He will not finish in the top of anything, but the point is he made it there. We are all going, in our embarrasing t-shirts. So swim hard kiddo- you rock!!!

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  1. How awesome! Definitely worth "bragging" about. Have a great time!