My new look

It's been 3 years since I had my hair cut. My hair has always been long and extraordinarily healthy so time just goes by and it doesn't get cut. I was going to get a lot cut off when we got home from China but life got busy and I didn't do it.
So I was thinking I should just let it go and donate it. Cancer is unfortunately a topic near and dear to our hearts. Brian's mom and my grandmothers life were taken by cancer. Brian's best friend as well. And my dad is currently battling lung cancer. It seems to be all around us, all ages, all circumstances. This past year I have been measuring and waiting, and measuring and waiting.
I was extremely nervous about it. I haven't ever had short hair. I told friends I wouldn't like it. Many people asked why I was doing this if I didn't want to. The fact is, to get this close to be able to contribute to something I really believe in and not do it was harder to swallow than having short hair for a while. So here is the before and after.

My ponytail is sealed in a ziplock bag ready to mailed to Locks of Love on Monday. My kids are having a harder time with the hair loss than I am. I'm still in a little shock but so glad I was able to do this. And now I can wait another 3 years before the next cut.


  1. Because your looks radiate from your heart you could be bald and still stunning!

    Much love to you!

  2. ADORABLE! Really! You look beautiful. What a wonderful donation of beautiful, healthy hair.