Florida Spring Break 2011

We had an awesome trip to North Port Florida for spring break. We drove 18 hours straight through and all came out in one piece. My parents have a house with plenty of space for our crew. My niece joined us for the week and the kids loved having her around. The weather was perfect, sunny and 85 the entire 8 days we were there. The kids enjoyed the pool, the beach, the sun.... We made an overnight stop in Chatanooga, TN on the way home and did some sightseeing at Rock City and Ruby Falls. The ONLY hard part was coming home to 6 inches of snow. We were spoiled with the sun and summer like weather. At least we all have great tans to sport around in the cold weather.

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  1. It sounds wonderful! We are in need of some sun here; but like you we will have to travel to find old mr. sun :)