One year ago today...

So let's pretend it's yesterday, April 12. April 12 is the day we met our daughter. In the 6 months from submitting our petition to adopt her until we got in the van to go to the adoption center, I had no anxiety, no fear. But on the ride to meet her, it finally hit me. I was hyperventilating, shaking, so scared. I will never forgot that van ride. Every question about this little girl swirled around me at once and the fear of the unknown finally caught up with me. And then she walked out....and it all disappeared. She was precious and I knew in an instant we would be just fine.

She had such a sense of independence, confidence, intelligence...all traits that are still strong parts of her personality. And I fell in love.

She was scared, unhappy. I still can't imagine how traumatic this really was for her.

By the end of the night we had smiles, and so began the first step of our journey on getting to know one another and becoming a family.

The following day we went back to the adoption center to finalize the adoption and make Bao Guan Ting officially Anna Francis Ting.

It's been a quick year and we have come so far. Six months ago I was still very worried about attachement but I have seen great strides, even in the past couple of months.

Tonight we will celebrate and watch her adoption video.

Happy Anniversary dear Anna. You are a very special little girl and we love you.


  1. Isn't it just like yesterday Jen? Oh my goodness, what a difference a year makes. Happy gotcha day. Ours is tomorrow the 16th. Blessings and happy wishes to you and your sweet family. Anne, Dave, Lily and fmmily

  2. Happy 1 year! I can't believe it! She is beautiful and very blessed to be a part of your family! xoxoxox