We had a wonderful Easter this year. Since Easter was in March last year, this was Anna's first easter. She loved every minute of it.

The baby bunnies.

My girlfriend made these for us. We actually didn't eat them until the next day because the kids wanted to keep them "pretty." But they were as super yummy as they were beautiful.

Easter morning going through baskets. The kids got all outdoor things, bubbles, chalk, kites. Which I have to say is not the most fun to get when your in the middle of endless days of rain. It has rained every day for as long as I can think back. I guess the easter bunny hadn't planned on such a wet spring! But, they were thrilled anyway and ate plenty of candy to make up for it.

Three little bunnies. My other one wasn't so willing to put on bunny ears.

Due to the pouring rain and floods outside, we had to hunt for eggs inside. But no one complained and they were as happy as pie.

Happy Easter from our crew!

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