So many firsts...

I feel like my little firl is changing so quickly. There is such a big difference between having a child in preschool versus kindergarten. She is one of the big kids now, riding the bus, walking around a big school from one activity to the next, the ever changing group of friends, and the fascination with the boys chasing her. It's all going so fast. Lately it's hitting me hard. She lost her first tooth and it is just a reminder to me that there is no going back, she is growing up. And while I am so very excited for her and all that is to come, I feel saddened by the loss of that little girl stage. But I am very proud of her. She is doing great is school, making new friends, playing new sports, and working really hard in her new role as a big kid. So while she isn't an adorable toddler or preschooler anymore, she blossoming into a beautiful and bubbly girl with this incredible eagerness to grow up. So my blessings are for you right now Callie. You are awesome.

First tooth gone!

First school party. She loved it.

First time wearing a costume at school. This was the parade around the block.

First goal scored at her soccer game. Wow was she thrilled.

Please don't grow up too fast Cal, there's plenty of time.....

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