Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween. October was such a wonderful month. It stayed warm and dry all month allowing us to be outside. We spent a lot of time at various pumpkin patches, farmers markets, and playgrounds. We took advantage of all the Halloween activities. Anna was so thrilled with everything. This little girl is so incredibly smart. She picked right up on all the words associated with Halloween. Her and Carter would sing all the songs they learned at preschool- it was too cute. We told her about trick or treating and it took all of one house for her to get the hang of it. No sooner did someone drop a piece of candy in her bag was she off and running to the next house. She had a blast. So here are a couple of pics of our Halloween week.

The kids painting little pumpkins. Jack and Callie got to carve big ones.

Everyone decorating their trick or treat bags.

And costumes- can you guess who Anna was???

I'll give you a hint- she is not a princess.......

Final hint- this is a dead giveaway!

Yes, Pinkalicious. This is my all time favorite kids book and we read it all the time. She was very excited and we had a pink dress up dress already so she had lots of practice in her costume. Jack was Iron Man ( 3rd year in a row), Carter was an M&M, and Callie was an angel.

And now it is November. How is that possible???

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