Through someone else's eyes

My father in law came in from Ohio and spent the weekend with us. The kids are always so excited to see him and he feels the same way. I know some people have certain feelings about their in laws but I love this man and always enjoy having him around. He is a very laid back guy and so easy to spend time with. Papaw is always welcomed at our house with arms open wide. Now that he is retired, we hope to see more of him.
One thing I became acutely aware of while he was here was the noise level in our house. You know how your everyday life suddenly looks different when you have a guest in your house. I noticed first when he had to go outside to talk on the phone. Now of course I know it tends to be a little on the noisy side here but wow, my kids are LOUD! Even when they are playing happily together, it's loud. And just as I am about to enjoy everyone getting along, someone starts crying. Brian and I call it "controlled chaos" but I am beginning to wonder exactly how controlled it really is. Oh well- I'm not one for a boring lifestyle, I mean, what would I do all day. O.K. I could think of a couple (or a ton) of things to do but for now this not so controlled chaos of mine is just the way I like it.

The kids with their Papaw.

Just one example of how things get loud- wrestling! And funny that we have this great playroom in our house but where do the kids play- the front foyer.

This was Papaw's first time meeting Anna. How could he resist this smile.

I just have to add Carter's picture because his smile is the best one out there.

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