First Day at the pool

I love the pool in the summertime. When it is 90+ degrees outside I just don't see any other options for being outside. Luckily the kids feel the same way and never tire of going. They always find a friend and everyone is happy. We get into a routine of lunch, naps for the younger one(s), pool, dinner, bath and bed. The summer I was pregnant with Carter, we went 67 days in a row. The night before my c-section we were...yes, at the pool. (his b-day is Aug. 23.) All the kids are little fishes and that's just what we do. This year I was a little worried about having 2 non swimmers at the same time and not knowing how Anna would feel about the water. The first time we stayed at the baby pool only and she did fine. I can't say she was as enthusiastic about the pool as the others but she has asked to swim again and Ithink she will be just fine. The second time we did our normal taking turns in each pool so everyone is happy. My kids know that we have to spend time in every pool and take turns and they get that this is the way it goes. So now I'm feeling less anxious about it and am looking forward to another summer swimming.

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  1. Hi. I really enjoyed your blog. We, too, are in the process of adopting from China. How did you get a referral so quickly? We have been waiting quite a while. Any tips would be appreciated :)