Anna update

Summer schedules and kids wanting the computer during free time have dampened my blogging time. And despite the fact that we are more laid back in the summer, I seem to be exhausted at the end of every day and getting on the computer is not in the picture. It could be that it has been in the high 90's for weeks and it's the hottest summer on record. Or it could be that entertaining 4 kids all day long and spending hours in the sun at the pool makes for one tired mama. In any case, my goal is to stay on top of blogging.
Anna has been home for 2 months now and how different everything is even over a month ago. When I step back, I see so many changes. People keep telling me what a happy little girl she is and so friendly. For the life change she has gone through, she is a very happy girl. She has adapted beautifully and fits right in our family. I've noticed that number of time outs and meltdowns has decreased tremendously, her relationships with everyone are growing, her vocabulary is growing daily and she speaks in full sentences a lot. The ones she has down pat are, "I want....., Where is my swimsuit?, What is that?, Mommy do it., Where is my cup?" There are lots more and she is a little parrot. We all speak to her as if she understands everything and for the most part, she does. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about Anna, and we got on the topic of those who have faith and those who do not. I have to say that if anyone does not have faith, it just takes one interaction with Anna to become a believer in Christ. We adopted a child with a non repairable malformation in her brain. She could have come to us with so many issues, delays and problems. But she is perfect, and quite honestly no different than any other 3 year old. She is a miracle to us and we have been blessed.
Anna's relationships with her siblings is changing each day also. The first month was such a struggle for everyone and it seemed there just wasn't enough attention to go around. Everyone is settling in. Carter and Anna are best buds most of time and he is really enjoying having his own playmate. Carter and Anna are 2 months apart in age. They definately fight like siblings- typical someone grabbing from someone, or both not wanting to do the same thing at the same time. But I cherish the moments when they are playing nicely together and can get a glimpse of how close they will be in the future. The reality is that a year from now or maybe even sooner, Carter will not even remember a life without Anna in it. I can only hope they will be good lifelong friends. Anna adores Jack and since they are sharing a room, they spend a lot of time together. He is wonderful with her and probably gives her the most attention. Callie is lets say, working on it still, but understands that Anna is here to stay, is a part of our family, and we have enough of everything including attention and love to go around. And to give Callie more credit that I am, she does have her moments when she is so sweet with Anna and does want Anna's attention.
Anna has done well with separations thus far. When my mom got sick, we obviously had different people in the house watching the kids. Since then we have had a babysitter once a week for Anna and Carter while we are at a swim meet with the older 2 and she has done fine. I left her and Carter in the church nursery for the first time today while I was teaching and they said she asked for me from time to time, but no tears and she was happily playing when I came to get them. It's nice that even if I have go away, her siblings are always with her so the transition is not to drastic. I feel that by the Fall, she will be ready and excited to go to pre-school and have a great time. So overall our little girl is wonderful and again, truly miraculous.

Anna and Carter (getting along moments !)

Anna proud of her cookies.


  1. Thanks so much for the update. She sounds like she is doing great! Can we change climates? It has been the coldest summer here on record. We need the sun! Take care!

  2. So glad to hear se is doing so well! Congratulations!