First Swim Meet of the Season

Last night was the first meet of the summer season. Jack is a veteran swim kid but this is Callie's first time on swim team and her first meet (she is 5.) We have spent a lot of time encouraging her and her coaches are awesome. They are so encouraging, supportive and really make it fun for the kids. Callie was thrilled to be hanging out with her big brother and other "big" kids in the bullpen. Her favorite part was definately decorating herself with permanent marker. After getting her race information on her arm, she got free reign to decorate as much as she wanted. Overall it was a fantastic night. Callie did both of her races without stopping (she takes a lot of breaks during practice.) It was one of those "I feel so proud I could cry" moments. Jack was a superstar and all of his year round practice shone through. It's going to be a great swim season!!

We told Callie the kids bring books to read in between races. Her choices- Pinkalicious and Barbie.

Jack and his friend Grace feeling right at home in the bullpen.

Callie on the starting block before her first race, 25 yd. freestyle.

Jack on the starting block.


Callie backstroke.

WAY TO GO GUYS!!! I am one proud mama.

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