Missing Summer

Despite the absolutely beautiful weather we are having right now, I really do miss summer. The weeks are flying by and the time between Mondays and Fridays seems almost non existant. The kids get home from school and the rush begins, homework, swim carpool, soccer, piano, dinner..... you know the rush. And I get so tired of the nagging, to hurry up here and there.

I love the summer days of just being at the pool with no timeline. It's lots of exercise, entertainment, and super easy dinners. And so little complaining.

As I was being nostalgic I remembered I hadn't done a post about summer swim team. I meant to make a little video but obviously it didn't get done. So here are some of my favorite pictures from summer swim team.

Swim team banquet.

Jack and his friend recevied co MVP for their age group.

Callie and one of her favorite coaches.

Callie received MVP for her age group.

Our super swimmers.

Fall swim meets start for us next weekend so we will be at the pool Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

I'm hoping to squeeze out some time to get the pumpkin patch while it is still so gorgeous outside.

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